Shop and Ship

What is Shop and Ship?

Allow us to introduce ourselves. To start off, you can call us SnS like most people do. We are here to liberate you from your limited local retail options.
As an SnSer, you get four personalized lifetime accounts in New York, London, Shanghai and Dubai for only a one-time membership fee of USD 45. Now you get to explore the amazing avenue of shopping that is the web, without wasting a thought on the sites unavailable or unreasonable international shipping costs. In simple terms: you get us to forward your online goodies to you, at rates that actually make sense. At any time, you can log into and track the status of your orders.
From quaint specialty stores to the high streets of the fashion capitals of the world, every item is within your reach with just a click.

Become a member today so you can buy it over there and get it over here.

How We Roll?

We're all about making it simple. All you have to do is create a new account at
You will be given personal account numbers, aka your new ‘physical’ delivery addresses in the New York, London, Shanghai and Dubai. So you can move on to the best part: go ahead and cross items off your wishlist! When you are done, you may opt to pay for shipping fees online as well using our PAY NOW option.

The packages need 5-7 business days after arriving in your New York, Dubai and Shanghai account and 3-4 days from your London account to get to you (customs and clearance processes may vary from country to country).

Our online tracking system and apps enables you to monitor your packages every step of the way from the convenience of your office or home; you can find out where your shipment is at; anywhere and anytime!

Register today and start shopping for the latest gadgets and the hottest trends in apparel, fashion accessories, music, auto parts and much more.
Buy it from there and get it over here.