Pilots reject Ryanair claims of agreement

The Ryanair Pilot Group (RPG) emphatically rejects Ryanair’s latest claims (26th March 2013) of new pay agreements for their pilots.

It is a complete mystery to the RPG how Ryanair can make their claim when a majority of their pilots emphatically rejected their offer on the 07th March 2013, through a democratic balloting process organised by the RPG.

From December 2012, the RPG organised a series of ballots to establish how all Ryanair pilots wish to be represented in negotiations with the company. The results of these ballots are available on the RPG website at https://www.ryanairpilotgroup.com/aboutus.php

To date, these ballots:

  •   Rejected the Ryanair-imposed process of representation for pilots.

  •   Set out the democratic representation process that pilots want to follow.

  •   Identified the team to represent the RPG in negotiations.

  •   Rejected the alleged 'agreements' that Ryanair claim to have reached in

    some of their bases.

    It should be noted that a majority of Ryanair pilots are registered to take part in these ballots carried out by the RPG. It is regrettable that Ryanair Cabin Crew do not have an independent body representing them to provide an independent response on their collective behalf.

    The RPG has invited Ryanair to enter negotiations with our representatives. To date, Ryanair has not acknowledged the initial invitation and a subsequent reminder. It is not clear why Ryanair refuses to respond to or engage with the democratically selected representatives of the Ryanair Pilot Group.

    The claims made by Ryanair in respect of the alleged 'agreements' are misleading and inaccurate. They do not apply to all the pilots operating at their bases. They are based on figures and calculations that are not transparent and have not been shown to any pilots that we are aware of. A copy of the alleged ‘agreement’ and a preliminary analysis is attached for information.


    For an ‘agreement’ that is claimed to cover a five year period, its length, lack of clarity and lack of transparency is simply an insult.

    Ryanair pilots have many questions about the alleged 'agreements' entered into on their behalf. Unfortunately no answers to these questions are forthcoming from Ryanair.

    Ryanair claim to have reached such agreements in a tiny minority of their smallest bases, involving a minority of pilots in those bases that Ryanair dictate are eligible to take part in their voting process. Over 70% of Ryanair pilots are not direct employees and are therefore excluded from the Ryanair-imposed process. This alone renders the outcome of their process completely unrepresentative and invalid.

    In a ballot run by pilots for pilots, the offer made by Ryanair was overwhelmingly rejected. It this circumstance, Ryanair’s claim to have reached 'agreements' with their pilots is misleading, unrepresentative and simply false.

    “. the truth and Ryanair are uncomfortable bedfellows”

    Mr Justice Peter Kelly - 04th June 2010